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Powered By... Erm, Some Cool Thing!

When reading those recent posts about better riding on the "Firefox" brand instead of "Mozilla" for telling what technology our apps share in return to the IMHO great "Powered by Mozilla" logo/initiative, I really start to wonder if the worlds we all are living in are really that different.

While Matthew tells us he 'must say "you know, the guys who make Firefox" about ten times a day', this interestingly happens very rarely to me. When I'm talking to people about what I'm doing, most haven't heard about SeaMonkey, but when I ask "do you know Mozilla then?" most people I talk to say "Oh, Mozilla Firefox!" - they clearly connect those two. Some even know the old Mozilla suite, esp. those that are a bit into web stuff.

And then, who are we targeting with a "Powered by Mozilla" logo on a website or product package? The normal user doesn't care about those fancy logos, they might just note "a lot of colored logos" on the package or website, only those that are at least a bit tech-savvy care about what those logos really tell. And I'm pretty sure those have at least noticed that it's "Mozilla Firefox" and know at least both brands.

Let's make sure that Firefox as well as our products does carry the "Powered by Mozilla" logo, and I'm pretty sure it works out well for those who really care about those logos. Only those who know that it's cool technology do actually care about this, and those should be pointed to the technology, not some random major app that is built with it.
Unless we're really living in different worlds - one can never know ;-)

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    Matthew Gertner

    from Prague

    How well known is Mozilla?
    It would be interesting to have hard data on how well-known the Firefox and Mozilla brands are. It's easy to see how from the perspective of a Seamonkey developer, Mozilla might seem like a household name. ;-) Nonetheless, Firefox is by some accounts one of the world's top brands, and as Mitchell has gone to great lengths to point out, this kind of success is a huge accomplishment and should be recognized as such.

    Most people in the techy world have heard of Mozilla, I'm sure, and perhaps that's why you come to the conclusion you do. In the wider world, I'd guess that Firefox is orders of magnitude better known. That said, once again hard data of some sort (i.e. a marketing firm doing a survey) would be really useful.
    2007-10-18 18:03

    Barry Gilmour

    from Kimberley, North Western-Australia

    "Powered by Mozilla" logo
    You would only notice those logos when you wanted to avail yourself of the services, for-example, your own page's little "powered-by" links to a website, and even the aluminum marketing-sticker on my home-made-PC-box has my motherboard-manufacturer's "Powered-by" logo complete-with the company-sales web-address printed on the bottom of the sticker, so you could avail yourself of the company's products if you were interested in obtaining a similar product or services.
    It seems clear that the company's preferred web-site-address is the important-information.
    For-example, I am looking at my PC's logo-sticker almost all-day, yet I could not tell you what the image on the logo is, but I could have a fair-stab at the web-address.
    I think the "powered-by" logo's target-market are the users who want the services offered-by the supplier, and that therefore the brand-name is less-relevant than the cost and the quality of the service or product offered?
    Does that make sense? Barry.
    2007-10-19 07:10

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