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Progress and help-wanted on SeaMonkey 2

I just received a link to a screen shot of SeaMonkey 2 with customized toolbars (this is work in progress, not in nightlies yet, see bug 394288), so I decided to give you a (probably incomplete) overview of current in-work items for SeaMonkey 2 (in no particular order) - and some we'd need help on.

Some areas still would badly need help though:

I may left out some notable areas of current work or some areas we need help, if you feel I have omitted something worth mentioning, please comment on this blog entry!

All in all, I think there's a bunch of interesting stuff happening at the moment, but still some important things to be done before SeaMonkey 2 gets where we want it to be. Thanks for everyone already actively working on the future of the suite (those are all volunteers doing this in their free time!) - and to everyone who wants us to get even better and has some time and work to offer: please help us, either with the items mentioned above or in other ways of getting involved. There's something to do for everyone and we appreciate any help we can get!

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from Russia

TabMixPlus is cooler than SessionRestore !!!
Please port a TabMixPlus extension to SeaMonkey 2.0a1 !!!
The author promised to help in that job...

Or may be should make a support of FF TabWidget in SeaMonkey ...or skip on it ...
2007-11-15 10:00

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