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Weekly Status Report, W44/2007

Here's a summary of my SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work items in week 44/2007 (October 29 - November 4):
Some people in the SeaMonkey community who were opposed to Firefox for a long time seem to realize that it is indeed a nice browser. I concur with that, but SeaMonkey is still much more than that: We offer a browser, mail and newsgroup client, HTML editor, IRC client and web developer tools all in one application. While Firefox is a good choice for novices who only need a browser, I think SeaMonkey is still the better choice for advanced users, web developers and corporate users, and we're trying to make it fit those audiences even better in the 2.0 version, including some ideas and even more technology we can share with Firefox, but still making our software a distinct, different product with a long heritage and a hopefully even longer future.

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