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The Saga Continues

As a few other Mozillians reported, the Netscape browser is finally declared dead, after a long time of going down.

Still, Netscape was originally the "Mosaic Killer" codenamed "Mozilla", and this name is carrying on the great legacy of the legendary Internet browser. The code lives on in the form of Mozilla-based browsers. Firefox is regaining the lost market share for this great legacy and showing how innovative the spirit from back then still can be. And SeaMonkey is continuing the Internet suite that Netscape started more than a decade ago.

So the Netscape-branded browser may be dead, but the saga it started is continuing.

Just see what those who following the footsteps of this legacy will be able to show up in 2008 and everyone will see we are going strong even without that brand name - the code, the browser, and even the suite.

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