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Back from FOSDEM 2008

I'm back from this year's FOSDEM now (or I actually have been since a 2-3 hours) and I'm already swamped with IRC conversation again ;-)

It's been a really good conference, I talked to a lot of Mozilla people about lots of interesting topics, even got into a short talk about Mozilla and KDE with a few KDE devs (they seem to have the same problem as us - they'd like better integration but lack the time to look into it), I listened to a bunch of interesting talks, hopefully could deliver such a talk as well, and, most importantly, met a nice crowd of cool people. Oh, sure, and celebrated 10 years of www.mozilla.org (website launched February 23, 1998)!

It's been a densely packed weekend, and I didn't even come around to see everything I would have liked to or talk to everyone I'd hoped to...

Some links: Martin has put up photos on Flickr, and my talk is up on http://kairo.mozdev.org/slides/fosdem2008/ - I hope more photos and slides will get linked somewhere from our FOSDEM2008 mozillawiki page.

With that, I'll head back to work to get all the things done I didn't come around to look into last week, and probably even to get some sleep.

I'm looking forward to the next FOSDEM!

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    Ludovic Hirlimann

    from Den Haag


    Brian King

    from Slovenia

    FOSDEM Wrap-up
    I've setup the wiki page to post about what happened. Thanks for the talk Robert and good seeing you again.

    2008-02-25 17:43


    from Buenos Aires, Argentina

    KDE integration, huh?
    I'd rather not waste time dealing with KDE. The future is Gnome. :-)
    Remember the KDE folks were the ones who thought the Mozilla engine was "bloated" and went with their own KHTML optimized small lean thingy.

    They forced stupid Konqueror into everyone as the default browser (I hated Suse 8.2 because of that!, darn Konqueror was a pain in the *ss as the default with KDE).

    Like I said... the most popular distros, from Ubuntu to Fedora to Debian use a Mozilla based browser. And all use Gnome. So there. Enough said.

    Just my $0.02
    2008-05-16 08:57

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