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Bay Area Travel Tips?

I'm currently planning to do a trip to Mountain View and the San Francisco Bay Area in early to mid-April, staying there for about 2 weeks, and I'd be glad about any tips you have for me when going there.

My main focus on that trip is Mozilla (out of interest of course, but also so that it counts as a business trip for financial authorities), so I'd be happy to talk to Mozilla people to about organizational, platform and SeaMonkey stuff - but probably also any other topics surrounding our great community.

Of course, I'd like to learn about the attractions of that part of California as well (though I already have been to a few of them about 13 years ago on a family vacation), so if you can tell me some must-sees, I'm happy about those as well - esp. the insider tips ;-)

If there are any special events in that timeframe, I'd also like to know about them - Mozilla events of course, but also if there's some Country Music (which I really love) or sports event of interest - I'll probably travel with a first-time-US-visitor who is a big American Football fan (I know, out of season, so bad time for that) and also likes Basketball, Baseball and such stuff, so it would be good to find some interesting stuff for him as well (his day job is something like talking hexadecimal or such, he calls that programming car control units).

I'd also love to know about hotels you could recommend in that area, I'd like to pre-book at least parts of my stay in a hotel, either via my travel agency or some insider knowledge from over there ;-)

Of course, if you want to meet me there, I'd like to know as well! :)

So, please help with with any tips you have for me - either comment here, contact me on IRC ("KaiRo") or via email (kairo@kairo.at).

Thanks a lot - and I hope to meet you if you're in that area at the same time!

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