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My Take on Mozilla Messaging and SeaMonkey

(First of all, my apologies, I know I'm late for my weekly status update, I promise to deliver it, but I've been working on my talk for FOSDEM this weekend.)

The big news of this week is Mozilla Messaging being launched as the effort that should parallel Mozilla Corporation's Firefox effort in the email and messaging area by further developing Thunderbird.

The question this might raise with a few people around the Mozilla community is what this means to the SeaMonkey project, which shares a substantial amount of code with Thunderbird in the mail and news area.

My opinion on that is that it's cool that we now have a partner in mail and news development who takes messaging much more serious than Mozilla Corporation ever could. Mozilla Messaging does not emphasize a browser over all other products, it actually doesn't even develop a browser. This makes us sure we have an additional ally in the area of Mozilla(-based) applications that are looking beyond the browser. Even more, putting full-time developers, new ideas and visions behind the Thunderbird project might gives the mail/news code a new future and puts more development force behind that than what the SeaMonkey project and some assorted other volunteers could provide so far.

As the SeaMonkey vision is - in my eyes - to have "the Internet" as the center for browsing, messaging and more on your desktop (in our case as a single, integrated application), I'm really happy about Mozilla Messaging emphasizing that Mozilla can actually provide all that - and not "only" a damn good browser.

I (and hopefully all of my colleagues on both sides) will try to get as much cooperation between Mozilla Messaging and the SeaMonkey project as possible, so that we can drive forward both our products, which both have their respective place on their markets, as much as possible.

I'm convinced we both can profit from each other and the Mozilla mission of choice on the Internet has always shown that our community is really good at providing nothing less than excellence in fulfilling that mission.

Entry written by KaiRo and posted on February 20th, 2008 03:17 | Tags: Mozilla, SeaMonkey, Thunderbird | 2 comments


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    David Ascher

    Absolutely agreed!
    I definitely share your optimism, KaiRo. I think it'll be great to have multiple teams working on the same codebase -- Seamonkey, Thunderbird, the Penelope folks, and whoever else I'm forgetting.
    2008-02-20 18:16


    Innovation implies change
    Sorry to but-in here, but I feel I must voice my opinion when these topics arise.
    Certainly the lack of developement in mailnews has been for the lack of resources. But also for a lack of vision as to how people want to communicate. Yes, it's the age old plaintext vs html controversy. But look where users have gravitated to. Blogs, and social networks like myspace show what has been lacking in mailnews, That is the ability to compose in a rich format using html and css.Most younger folks know only webmail and web based interaction. That fault lands squarely on the shoulders of the "plaintext" attitude of everyone involved in mailnews dev
    2008-02-24 06:50

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