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Weekly Status Report, W05/2008

Here's a summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related tasks I worked on in week 05/2008 (January 28 - Febrary 3, 2008):

I'd like to highlight that web feed detection has landed in SeaMonkey trunk this week, which means that one now gets the already familiar RSS icon with a selection to subscribe feeds when visiting sites that offer them. We still do NOT have any internal feed handling though, bugs for feed preview, livemarks and an integrated feed reader are still open - but the first step in the right direction is done.

Oh, and sorry that I've not been as responsive as usually in the last few days, I found a really cheap set of Age of Empires I & II plus expansion packs in a local store, and I figure I need to get into a bit of nostalgia again, so I've been spending a few hours trying out certain scenarios there, with a few hours of watching a "pretty f***in' awesome" Super Bowl game on Sunday - I'm pretty sure those activities won't hurt SeaMonkey development even if I'm spending a bit of time with them ;-)

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