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Video interview with me published online!

Back in February, at FOSDEM, I was interviewed by Tristan Nitot, President of Mozilla Europe, about the SeaMonkey project and my contributions to Mozilla. While I was in the US, Tristan has now published this video interview on his blog, so if you want to know how I came to work with Mozilla and SeaMonkey and what's going on in the project, just watch this video!

(Oh, and yes, I'm back from California, it was a great trip, with some talk about SeaMonkey and a good amount of vacation in between, I'm currently trying to work the backlog of those two weeks and get up to speed with what's going on. You'll hear more from me soon right here.)

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Ron Donaghe

from New Mexico

source page formatting
This is off the topic of your video...but I'd love to see source-page line wraps so that long lines don't go off the screen into infinity, as well as being numbered.

I'd start using Seamonkey as an alternative to NVU or Kompozer if that were the case.
2008-04-29 23:16

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