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1000 Bugs Killed In 8 Weeks!

As reported here before, I asked for help help with triaging SeaMonkey bugs. Back then we had over a thousand unconfirmed non-enhancement bugs in the "Mozilla Application Suite" product that had no activity for more than 6 months. When I looked at the query today, I was quite surprised when it only showed 15 bugs!

Looking at the open bug graph for our Bugzilla product I could confirm what the query had suggested:
The people helping us here have killed about a thousand bugs in 8 weeks!
This is absolutely awesome, thanks and congratulations to everyone helping with this effort!

It would be really cool if we can prolong this Bugzilla cleanup effort and try to reduce unconfirmed and old bugs even more, so the real bugs are easier to find and deal with. In my newsgroup posting from today (web version), I have a few suggestions on what to attack next - I'd welcome your input!

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this is not a bug, When I open a new window, it opens in front, I'd like it opens in background, not perturbing my work.

Why ? I used to open numerous windows, let it charged and read it later, it is an habit of low rate internet.
2008-06-03 12:56

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