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Build From New Test Repository Works!

After my recent post about SeaMonkey and Thunderbird on Mercurial, discussions started about possible solutions in both our projects as well as the Calendar project. I worked on the preliminary solution I had a bit further, and this week, we had a meeting of our projects with hg and build system experts, concluding that we'll create a new Mercurial repository shared between all three projects, and we'll already start off with more or less our own build system in place.
At the beginning, we'll import static snapshots of SeaMonkey and Thunderbird code, calendar will be pulled from cvs for now and added as another static snapshot once the calendar team is ready to switch to trunk for development. ("Static snapshot" in this case means current state of code without history, cvs/bonsai can be consulted for the history and work is ongoing to integrate the annotate view of hgweb with a database of older history to make it more feature-complete.)

I volunteered to create a test repository and work on getting things to build on local computers, eventually even work on test/build machines so that we have a good migration path.
For this purpose, I rewrote the SeaMonkey:hg-based_build page on the wiki to describe how to build with that test repository, and as of now, the instructions there (should) lead to fully working builds of SeaMonkey and hopefully also Thunderbird!

Please let me know of any problems when trying to build this or run the resulting binaries.

The next steps I'll work on are getting Lighting to build with Thunderbird, make tests run correctly, drive the two needed patches into mozilla-central and get my changes (build system, mainly) reviewed.

It looks like we can soon end up with a working code repository for our projects - what we still need is a good name for it. My first temporary name was "calemaisu" (calendar-mail-suite), internally, I'm currently using "momomo" (Mozilla Messaging, i.e. "MoMo" + SeaMonkey), which was a proposal in #maildev. There's still some need to discuss this topic between our projects, I guess. ;-)

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from Apeldoorn, NL

Composer, Venkman, ChatZilla?
So does this new build not contain Composer, Venkman and ChatZilla? Has their code been imported into HG with/without consulting them? What's the plan in that space?
2008-06-29 00:26



We're importing ChatZilla, venkman, and in the future also DOMi from whatever repository they are using. Currently this is CVS, but I think it would be best for all of those to go for hg, using one repository per extension, just like what DOMi is working on, see bug 437064.
Composer is a different story, it's currently part of mozilla-central, which we pull into the build tree using the client.py script (that is also used to pull in all those extensions).
2008-06-29 01:53


from The Orient

Repository Name
Hey KaiRo,

What about my suggestion for the combined repository: "Thundermonkey"?
2008-06-29 05:36


from NN

2008-06-30 21:52

Ricardo Palomares

from Madrid, Spain

Congratulations on this, Robert!! This may sound as uninteresting to some people, but the fact that SeaMonkey can continue its development on Mercurial as soon as it is needed looks wonderful to me.
2008-06-30 22:41

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