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"Code Rush" Available Online

I was pointed on IRC to "Code Rush" being available online, and as I never saw it before, just viewed it.
It really was a crazy time 10 years ago when Mozilla saw the light of the day as an open source project. "We're doomed" is something one hears again and again in this documentary about those days at Netscape. I know that feeling. I wasn't there from the start in 1998, my first download was M5 somewhere in 1999, and the first fully localized German build I released was M11 or so on January 1, 2000. I didn't see all of that happen, but just was on the way into the project where this report ends. It also was a hard time for all of us Netscape fans back then, and I also wondered sometimes if that effort was doomed. But I believed in the technology, because it was sexy in a technological way.
And here we are, about 10 years later - almost an eternity in this market - and look where we are! Mozilla is alive! And not only that, it's probably more alive than ever. We have a multi-million-download browser as well as a number of other projects, like a mail client, a complete Internet suite, calendaring software and whatnot. And we're going stronger than ever.
Yes, it's really a crazy time - still.

Oh, and if you haven't seen "Code Rush" yet, go and watch it. As a bonus, you'll even get to see how Stuart hacked around in mozilla/xpfe/ before he even joined Netscape! ;-)

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