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Soccer Impact On Internet Usage

One of the fun things of operating a page like the German SeaMonkey (and Mozilla suite) default start page is that one gets interesting statistics on Internet usage, in my case at least from the German-speaking part of the Internet.

And sometimes this reveals quite interesting stuff:
The pictures below are snapshots of my statistics from June 16, 2008. Your quiz questions for looking at those graphs: When did the European Championship soccer game between Germany and Austria start? When was the (15min) half-time break? When did the match end?

Image No. 19315
Server's network connections

Image No. 19316
CBSM system sessions (5min granularity)

Image No. 19317
seamonkey.at sessions (15min granularity)

(Notes regarding the numbers: seamonkey.at serves the default home page of German SeaMonkey and Mozilla suite installations and is traffic-wise the major domain running on the CBSM system, which is one of two larger PHP-based web systems on the server. CBSM sessions time out from the statistics after 5min, both connections and sessions are snapshots of what was considered open by netstat or CBSM at a given time.)

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