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comm-central is OPEN for development!

As reported a few times in the last week, comm-central has been created as the new repository to host Thunderbird and SeaMonkey (and later Sunbird/Lightning) code on Mercurial and build it with the Mozilla 1.9.1 platform, on which SeaMonkey 2 and Thunderbird 3 will be based.

We populated the repository with code this Tuesday and since worked on getting our build and test boxes in shape so they build and test the new development trees.

The Thunderbird boxes are all green now and have nightlies, the SeaMonkey boxes build fine, but the testers are trying to do a lot more tests than the Thunderbird ones and so are running into a small number of problems still, mainly leaks in running mochitests, but also a unit test failure and a reftest failure on Mac, which we are still investigating.

Despite that, we are confident that development can be made somewhat reliably on top of this and so we opened comm-central for development for the first time now!

Please read MDC documentation on comm-central and the related documents linked there before doing active work with this.

But remember, cvs is dead in terms of active Thunderbird or SeaMonkey development!

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