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Now here's why OpenStreetMap is cool!

Just discovered:

Go to http://www.openstreetmap.org/ - enter "Mozilla, Mountain View" in the "Search" box - press "Go" and see where the red arrow points to!

This even can stand a comparison to Google Maps, where the pure map is telling you much less about this area...

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Laurens Holst

from Netherlands

I like
I like it a lot! For Utrecht, the Netherlands it’s much more detailed than Google Maps it seems, I especially like that it shows cycling/walking paths, and all kinds of icons for cafés, hospitals, parking spaces, etc. Also for my home town Bussum it looks good, although it seems to be missing the cycling and walking paths on the heath. Maybe I should get a GPS device and map them out :).

Only icons that Google Maps shows really are bus stops. That’s actually pretty useful, and OpenStreetMap actually doesn’t have them, so I hope they will get those too at some point in the future as well :).
2008-07-25 14:29


@Laurens: If you need the bus stops, really, just add them. It's *very* easy to get going with the integrated editor, and I've already started doing that for my town, and the one nearby that lacks a lot of streets.
2008-07-25 20:05


from NN

openstreetmap.org think that Nizhni Novgorod is a desert :))
2008-07-25 20:45

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