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Weekly Status Report, W26/2008

Here's a summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 26/2008 (June 23 - 29, 2008):

The topic came up on the status meeting, and I already have though hard about this for a while now: Do we really need to release localized version of our first alpha? Now, the good thing with this would be that we could test the new (for SeaMonkey) "source L10n" infrastructure and get more testers if they can test in their own languages. The bad thing is that we made download manager and password manager reworks being blockers of the alpha just because we decided to not adopt the still-in-use old versions to this new L10n infrastructure and so they are broken in localized releases. An additional factory is that we will probably switch to hg and the Mozilla 1.9.1 platform before an alpha, and the platform itself has no L10n story for that version yet (it's being figured out currently but nobody knows when it will be in place).
Given that fact and shipping an alpha at all being more important than having localizations, I'm agreeing with the status meeting outcome of probably going for an en-US-only alpha and not making download and password managers hard blockers any more. This is a bit unfortunate, but at least we get nearer to showing off anything of SeaMonkey 2 to a wider public than nightly testers. We still are left with one blocker, and that is us needing all preference panels to be ported to the new prefwindow, the current double prefwindow stuff is nothing we want in an alpha. So, we are happy about any help we can get there, there's some not-too-hard UI-only work to be done there.
And sorry localizers - we'll still be working on getting full L10n support as soon as possible, even if not for this alpha!

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