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Back But Lots Of Catch-Up To Do

So, I'm back from my Summit+vacation Canada/USA tour, after the long bus ride from Whistler to Vancouver I'm sure you heard about or were on, I spent another week in the lower Fraser Valley (i.e. the almost flat land between Vancouver and Chilliwack and the Western half of Washington state. I took lots of walks, did a huge amount of sightseeing, had a very good time and took over a thousand pictures, a selection of which I will upload to my site some time in the next few weeks.
I still need to catch up on email, bugs, planet and newsgroups even though a glanced over most of the email at nights in the hotels (thanks to Best Western for having free Internet on all their hotels!) - but there's so much going on in our community that I probably need some time to be fully back to normal.

Oh, and I didn't even do a Status Update for the week before the Summit...

Well, I'm even planning on catching up on that.

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