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Weekly Status Report, W30/2008

Here's a very very late summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 30/2008 (July 21 - 27, 2008):

Sorry for this arriving that late, but I didn't get around to doing it when I was preparing for or at the Mozilla Summit, and of course not in vacation.
The Summit itself was a very successful event, mainly of connecting with people and meeting people face-to-face that I only knew the names of or had email/IRC/bugzilla contact before. The sessions were also interesting, though there were too many things I would have wanted to be at in parallel. Oh, and we had a very fruitful, long and late breakout session about release automation on Mercurial, the processes that will be set up will be made in a way that they can work with Thunderbird, SeaMonkey and Sunbird from the beginning. Thanks to the MoCo build & release team for including us there and making this possible.
I'm still digging through lots of backlog from those two weeks, so expect it to take some time still until I'm back to normal reaction times on whatever issues are out there.
And yes, the first alpha is definitely nearing, target is early to mid September now, nearly in sync with Thunderbird 3 beta 1.

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    FF tabBrowser API for SM2. Please !!!
    Hello, Robert !
    Very nice to here that SM became more compatible for FF extensions...
    -like plans for SessionRestore support and places . Yes - it's very powerfull...
    But there's exist another thing that can't be leaved ... It's tabs.
    Many users of FF use tabs and even more - power tabs - with a lot of exensions(for example - TabMixPlus and many, many more).
    Plus with that - a lot of extensions use FF tabs - FF-tabBrowser extension API...
    So, please , would you please start skipping for SM2 to FF-tabBrowser API... It will so powerfull for extension compatibility and usability for SM ...
    Even multizilla, that not be updated a lot of time and even isn't working fine now - it plans a verson for FF-tabBrowser API ...
    Thank you at advance.
    2008-08-16 04:20

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