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Knock, Knock, Alpha.

Wake up, Alpha.

The SeaMonkey has you...

Follow the frozen tree.

Knock, knock, Alpha.

Image No. 20208

Whoever can read this matrix code should realize by now:
Yes, we're knocking at the door of our first Alpha. It's been dozing along in our repositories long enough - the real story of its life is about to begin. The code is supposed to freeze for SeaMonkey 2 Alpha 1 on Tuesday - after that line we will only accept changes to SeaMonkey code that are either blocking the Alpha (pref panels!) or have explicit approval.

We will release the actual Alpha 1 as soon as all the blockers are fixed and we get a QA run to confirm it's ready for testing by a greater community than nightly testers. It will still be a testing-only preview of what SeaMonkey 2 has to offer, but it will be a very huge step compared to the current stable 1.1.x series.

Additionally, I think we should set up a collection of SeaMonkey-themed desktop wallpapers and SeaMonkey-themed web button images somewhere, I'd need good ideas of where to do that.

Image No. 20209

For now, I can only provide low-quality images of those two I have designed for my personal fun, but if we have a good place to put up such thing, I have the first one as a 1024x768 PNG, the second one in sizes up to 1600x1200 as PNGs.

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