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Welcome calendar to comm-central!

A few minutes ago, I landed the calendar code on comm-central for bug 455727.

This means that Lightning and Sunbird are moving to hg trunk development soon and that next to SeaMonkey and Thunderbird, Sunbird is the third application to be built from this community and communication repository.

Let's give the calendar people a warm welcome - we're looking forward to a good time of joint forces here!

Entry written by KaiRo and posted on September 18th, 2008 16:36 | Tags: Calendar, hg, Lightning, Mozilla, Sunbird | 2 comments | TrackBack



Tomer Cohen

from Israel

Instructions, please?
Can you please guide us how to checkout the source from the hg? We'll need some documents update in order to get it in our side... :)
2008-09-19 11:23



Tomer, just look at Comm-central source code (Mercurial) and Comm-central documents on MDC - those should explain how to get the source for comm-central and everything else you need to know about that repository.
2008-09-19 13:26

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