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The Death of the Fishcam Easter Egg?

It looks like the legendary Netscape (later AOL) Fishcam in Mountain View has really gone away now, the last URL where one could get a live feed has been redirected to netscape.aol.com, and a still existing old page has only static content but no live camera any more.
SeaMonkey still has the Ctrl-Alt-F shortcut mapped to calling a webpage for the fishcam but this has been failing recently. In theory, a live cam of maritime life would fit very well with SeaMonkey, actually (due to the creatures we're named after), and it would be even cooler if that would use an ogg stream and the HTML5 <video> tag on trunk.

It's just that we don't have such a cam available any more, from all we know.

Because of that, I probably will review the patch to remove this easter egg unless someone comes up with a really appealing proposal of where it should point to nowadays.

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I'm sure that booble.com has a ton of good webcam links.
2008-10-28 22:59

Adam Hauner

from Pilsen

Some exists, none is ideal...

Daniel Glazman

What about a jsQuery-based page with an image of an aquarium and the names of the main contributors to Seamlonkey flying in that aquarium ?-)
2008-10-29 11:27

Robert Accettura

Is there room at MoCo for a fish tank and bandwidth for a webcam?

perhaps a project for labs.mozilla.com
2008-10-29 14:42


just remove this, it's long gone and unimportant
These lines should be removed from navigatorOverlay.xul as the fishcam is long
gone and the lines cause an entry in the error console because Control-Alt-letter are generally reserved for use a desktop keyboard shortcuts on Win32.

2008-10-29 17:55


How about one of these:

Lou Montulli

New fishcam
I was the one who set up the original fishcam and added CTRL-ALT-F.

Coincidentally, I am setting up a new fishcam this month. I have the "fishcam.com" URL and I filled up the new tank just this week. If you give me a bit more time I can give you a new URL at http://www.fishcam.com/ that will have a bigger badder fishcam.

FYI. The original fishtank is still at AOL, but it has fallen on hard times. The building it is in probably wont last too much longer.
2008-11-02 18:02

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