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Weekly Status Report, W42/2008

Here's a summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 42/2008 (October 13 - 19, 2008):

I attended a seminar about "Social Web" in the light of politics on Friday, and even though I of course am fully involved in social web activities, learning how others describe and view that is quite interesting. And collaboration, participation and direct feedback are components I see as fitting very well with how I think politics should work. Currently, most parties and politicians around here don't deal with things like blogs etc. very well, I think we only mentioned two or three exceptions of individuals. In the US, both presidential campaigns make much more use of that, but I think the real key is in long-term involvement a real authentic usage of those instruments and technologies. I'm looking forward to a time where everyone can discuss and collaborate with politicians through their blogs, YouTube-style videos and whatever else - but it probably will still take us a while to get there.

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