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Is There A Better Way To Promote What We Are?

Gary Kwong posted an interview with Mark Surman on the Rumbling Edge - now available as HTML5 <video> in Ogg Theora format!

Is there any better way to promote what Mozilla is about than to have an interview with the Mozilla Foundation Executive Director available in a truly open media format with plugin-less playing in browsers supporting the HTML5-standardized <video> element (like Firefox 3.1 or SeaMonkey 2)?

Entry written by KaiRo and posted on November 9th, 2008 17:07 | Tags: Mozilla, Mozilla Foundation, video | 1 comment | TrackBack




from The United States

It's unfortunate. I remember in the olden days, an advantage (among others) I saw about using Mozilla was that you had to download a third-party plugin to be bothered by embedded videos and sounds. It was contrasted to Internet Explorer, which would embed Windows Media Player all the time. Uh, I guess the good old days will be over soon.
2008-11-17 18:33

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