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My XMas Gift: New Theme Versions

After uploading a 2.0 Alpha 2 version of LCARStrek about 10 days ago, I now could also update my EarlyBlue theme for SeaMonkey 2.0 Alpha 2 a few minutes ago, at the right time to hand them to the Mozilla community as Christmas presents. ;-)

On AMO, you need to log in to get those versions from the sandbox - alternatively, my KaiRo.at theme downloads page offers them without login.

As said before, the tri-licensed source of the themes is available from my public git repos.

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from -

black style theme
Thank you...,
but I mean this great theme for SM2x :
( https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/attachment.cgi?id=351562 )

It's really stylish black theme....
Could I ask Santa about it ?
2008-12-24 07:32



This is the SeaMonkey 2 default theme, just using different system colors as that user has the "Darklooks" GTK theme set on his Linux system.
2008-12-29 15:09

Tony Mechelynck

from Brussels, Belgium

2.0a2 version :-)
The problem which bugged me most in EarlyBlue 2.0a1 (missing ticks and bullets in menus to show what is selected) is fixed in 2.0a2 :-)

I'm subscribing to this blog as an RSS feed so I won't miss this kind of news next time.
2008-12-29 23:07


from Brisbane

LCARS theme
Thanks for the LCARS theme

Only negative comment - minor nitpick - I have is that the status bar is little hard to read - the black on blue makes it hard to decipher the small type on long urls before I click on them. Status messages (short) are readable.

Love the big throbber and all the buttons (back, reload, etc are great).

Seems to leave more screen real estate than the default theme.

If you see traffic to your skins page from slashdot it was me thanking you in my journal (no comments as of writing this).

2009-01-04 08:46

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