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Weekly Status Report, W49/2008

Here's a summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 49/2008 (December 1 - 7, 2008):

It's great to see SeaMonkey finally using places as the history backend, meaning less of that strange, Mozilla-only "mork" database format and more of the widely used SQLite database format in the backend, usage of less barely maintained xpfe code and more well-maintained, shared toolkit code, and some great new features for the location bar's autocomplete search as well as the ability to store more history data with less memory usage and no decrease in performance. This code change needs some time of testing in the development builds and nightlies and probably some followup fixes and improvements before it can get make its way even into Alpha 3, but it's a good step forward towards SeaMonkey 2.
Before that, we're about to release Alpha 2 this upcoming week, which doesn't contain that code yet, but debuts finer-grained control over toolbar icons and text (only in the browser and the main mail windows, for now) as well as a feed reader in the mail component and numerous other changes, like the toolkit-based find as you type and a large list of Mozilla core improvements we share with the other Mozilla-based products, including Firefox 3.1 as the front-runner in the family.
This is really a good time for being a part of the SeaMonkey project. :)

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As a long time user of NetScape/Mozilla Suite/SeaMonkey both at home and at work, I wanted to thank you for the work done on SeaMonkey. It looks like SM2 will really be a leap forward, hopefully keeping its "advanced" philosophy while maximizing the reuse of Firefox's coding power. Keep on the good work !
2008-12-10 13:07

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