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Weekly Status Report, W51/2008

Here's a summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 51/2008 (December 15 - 21, 2008):

We're nearing the probably only few days in the year where many of us find some silence and time for some non-work activities with their family and friends. I wish everyone who is celebrating this week a very Merry Christmas and hope they'll have relaxing and peaceful holidays.
To everyone not celebrating this holiday (right now), I want to apologize for not responding as fast as usual this upcoming week - I need this time out myself to gather strength for the upcoming year, where we're planning on doing great things for SeaMonkey!

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Raj Bhaskar

from Glasgow, UK

No need to apologise
No need to apologise for cutting down a bit over the festive season, you deserve it :-). I wish you a very merry Christmas and all the best for the new year. Thanks so much for your work on SeaMonkey over the past year, you've been a driving force for the project.
2008-12-22 23:55


from California, USA

Merry Christmas! Thanks for keeping one of my favorite applications moving forward. It seems like Seamonkey has been advancing faster feature wise than in the Mozilla Suite days. I know a lot of people are responsible for the supporting code but thanks for pushing to get it integrated.
2008-12-23 04:29


from -

TabBrowserAPI in SM ...
Hello , Robert!
Thank you for so great work!
Let me ask about 64bit-Win&Linux versions of SeaMonkey2x nightly's ... Will it be ?

Could you share to mozilla addons site a great yours black theme, which you have been posted here before... it's real great theme !

Could you pay a little more attention to TabBrowser SeaMonkey problem...because of that SM cannot use normally tabs orienting (FF)extensions and extension which uses tab menus and commands ...
Where can I discuss this problem about that, could you help me ?
I even posted a bug:

Thank you in advance.
2008-12-23 05:02



There are no plans for Win64 nightlies, and no real reasons to do any currently. Linux x86_64 depends on SeaMonkey getting a machine that can build those, we are currently trying to get one.

The LCARStrek theme is up on addons.mozilla.org, but the version for SeaMonkey 2 is in the Sandbox, as it's still in alpha state (not just SeaMonkey, also the new theme version).

For tabbrowser, that's not code I understand and completely up to the people maintaining it.
2008-12-23 13:20

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