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Sorry, I'm Late, But You Didn't Want Me Anyway

I just spent nearly 2 hours replying to about 60 support requests either I or eamonkey-council@m.o had received via email, some of them (esp. the personal ones) being up to 4 months old. And once again, I'm feeling more powered out after that time than if I had been working on code or something else that would be really productive. In addition, if there was a handful of requests I really had a good answer for, it's much. Most of my replies to those mails are "sorry, I don't know myself, please ask the community" - followed by a paragraph pointing to the SeaMonkey community page which I c&p from a template.

I'm not the best person to contact for support. And neither is the SeaMonkey Council - thanks to Karsten for handling the vast amount of such mails arriving there, by the way. Without that help, I'd probably have more than double the amount of work with this.

Sorry to anyone who gets late replies on such things from me. But then, I'm not much help, people in our community know so much more about all kinds of problem and questions. You don't want to ask me for support when you encounter SeaMonkey problems. Really.

(Oh, and bug as well as feature requests should be directed at Bugzilla. Don't expect me to fix or report your issues.)

Meanwhile, I'll try to coordinate the project, get people to work on our software and hopefully others to use it, and I'll try to communicate with all the other projects we're working with so that SeaMonkey can continue to move along. I hope that way things work for all of us.

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