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Weekly Status Report, W05/2009

Here's a summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 05/2009 (January 26 - February 01, 2009):

I'm preparing a build with tabmail, feed preview, and session restore, possibly even the new download manager, for doing a demo this upcoming weekend at FOSDEM, I hope people will be awake on Sunday morning to see both that and the new SeaMonkey vision I will be presenting.
I'm looking forward to meeting many Mozillians as well as people from other projects in Brussels!

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from Belgium

Yep 9:00!!! Better not go out the day before... :-/
2009-02-02 22:21


from Belgium

The Browser That Has It All
Unrelated but I was quite shocked about what I saw on Firefox webpage (http://www.mozilla-europe.org/en/firefox/): their new catchphrase is "The Browser That Has It All".

Bullshit! Everybody knows that SeaMonkey has it all (even the kitchen sink)!!!
2009-02-06 19:53

Tony Mechelynck

from Brussels, Belgium

Well, not the kitchen sink by default, but you may add it as an extension, or by bookmarking the attachment to bug 122411 (in Firefox too). ;-)
2009-02-14 06:13

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