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EarlyBlue and LCARStrek for SeaMonkey 2.0 Alpha 3

Yesterday, I updated my LCARStrek and EarlyBlue themes to SeaMonkey 2.0 Alpha 3 and did official releases of those updated versions.

On AMO, you need to log in to get those versions from the sandbox - alternatively, my KaiRo.at theme downloads page offers them without login.

Those versions made good improvements apart from the usual updates to fit with the newer SeaMonkey version: Both also feature updated DOM inspector and ChatZilla support, highly improved support for right-to-left language display, full support for customizable navigator toolbars, controls in <video> elements, and new history window and sidebar as well as some other bugfixes and improvements.

The full changelog as well as the complete source of the themes are available from my public git repos.

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Tony Mechelynck

from Brussels, Belgium

:-) :-) :-) Ah, nice :-) :-) :-)
I've been using EarlyBlue ever since I was aware of its having been upgraded for Suiterunner, and I love it. Both for its "no nonsense" look and feel, which doesn't drown the eye in unnecessary frills, and for the fact that its "small toolbar icons" are _really_ small, leaving most of the screen real estate for content (as different from chrome).

I haven't recently noticed bugs in that theme but I don't use all possible windows. What I use is as follows:
o Constantly
* Browser
* MailNews main
* MailNews Message-read
* MailNews RSS-feed read (don't know if really different from Message-read)
* MailNews Message-compose (plaintext)
* MailNews View Source
o Quite often
* Address Book
* Addons Manager
* Bookmarks Manager
* Print Preview (in Browser)
* Print Preview (in MailNews)
* Preferences
* Account Settings
o Often
* Browser View Source (with HTML Validator extension)
o Rarely, but still sometimes
* ChatZilla
* DOM Inspector
o Never
* Composer

The "Find updates" button of the add-ons manager gives me "An error occurred while trying to find updates for EarlyBlue" and even after logging in, it's hard to find the latest version, and even the second-latest, at AMO, but they are there, I finally found them -- by first going to the add-on details page, and then clicking "See all versions" on that page.

I'm upgrading from AMO (after logging in) in the hope that it will make auto-upgrading easier in the future, but I won't say AMO auto-upgrading works until I've seen it -- it's just that they hype themselves off as a "safe" source of upgrades, which, they say, Suiterunner (Sm2 trunk nightlies)) and Minefield (Fx3 trunk nightlies) will accept even without setting extensions.checkUpdateSecurity to false.
2009-03-13 00:32

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