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Help Wanted for Modern Theme Improvements

The "Modern" theme in SeaMonkey 2 needs your help:

We have a bug on file for updating the Modern theme for SeaMonkey 2.0, and we even have some good work from Kuden, who volunteered in mozillaZine forums to help with theme design in the missing areas.

So, this sounds like success? Well, almost. As you might know, the only way to get changes into the Mozilla repositories is by doing patches, getting reviews and addressing the review comments.
And that's where we're stuck right now: We need someone to take Kuden's work, bring it up as patches, submit those for review and address review comments coming up. Ideally, this would be someone who uses Modern and has some knowledge of CSS and theme work as well as our review process.

The work to be done is basically picking up existing pieces and driving them into the tree. Sounds easy? Might be something for you!

Even if you don't know the review process that well, as long as you know or are able to learn how to create patches and you are able to address requests for changes in theme CSS, you should be able to help.

Please contact us if you can give us a hand with this and make Modern fit for the future!

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