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Weekly Status Report, W12/2009

Here's a summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 12/2009 (March 16 - 22, 2009):

I had interesting experiences in finding bugs this week: On hand by porting tests from Firefox and finding out what problem they catch in SeaMonkey, on the other hand by writing up slides for a talk and tripping over obsolete definitions in our code. On both sides, a number of things were easy to fix once I knew them, some still needed to be worked around and be addressed in more detail later.
I also found that there a lot of room for students and code newcomers to work on in the SeaMonkey area - starting with increasing test coverage for existing code, via porting features from Firefox up to getting extensions like Weave to work with SeaMonkey. If you're interested the Google Summer of Code proposals may even enable you to get a T-shirt for that work (and less importantly, also some payment)! ;-)

And last not least, I'm looking forward to MAOW Berlin next weekend with a lot of firsts for me: the first stay in "Eastern Germany" and Berlin, the first time talking about Mozilla Mozilla stuff in German, and the first time of holding talks about the build system and extension porting. I'm sure this will all be exciting - and a lot of fun!

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Jens Hatlak

from Frankfurt, Germany

MAOW slides
Regarding the MAOW slides I suggest you rethink the use of "DAUs" (for the non-German speakers: something like PEBKAC, but more unkind). Otherwise one might get the impression that we don't want to receive feedback from average users.

I also noticed that you referred to my Building SeaMonkey Yourself page. Actually it's available in both languages. :-)
2009-03-23 23:23


from The US

Kudos on 1.1.15. It's excellent.

I had forgotten it was about time for Summer of Code. I'd like to help out SeaMonkey and perhaps some other projects, but I doubt it'll be through GSoC. I think I'm going to be too busy this summer to do the amount of work that GSoC requires (speaking from someone who did it two years ago); it'll definitely be a in-my-spare-time deal if I can think of anything to do (I know what I'd like to do, but I doubt the SeaMonkey council would go for it).
2009-03-25 02:39

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