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Linuxwochen, Mandelbrot-Demo, MozCamp Wien

Yesterday, I held a talk on Linuxwochen Wien, a local Linux and Open Source conference. My talk was right before Brian King took the stage (who talked mostly about the add-on ecosystem), so it fitted well that my topic was "The Open Internet and Mozilla". My slides (in German) are online at kairo.mozdev.org.

I included a number of the HTML5 demos from Paul Rouget to show what open web technologies can do, but for showing the power of JIT, I showed a demo I quickly did myself:
Ripped out of the code for my Mandelbrot XULRunner app, I put up a <canvas> and some JS code up on a website, with a small HTML form for selecting coordinates, etc. - and the Mandelbrot-Web demo was done! :)

It's not too beautiful, just a fast hack, but running the default image calculation in both Firefox 3.0 and a current 1.9.1-based nightly, I could show how the time needed for calculation (and display in the canvas) dropped from 7.3 to 1.6 seconds on my laptop due to the TraceMonkey JIT engine.
A number of people seemed impressed with both that and the stunning video+canvas demos from Paul. ;-)

Finally, I could even announce a whole one-day event on the Open Internet right here in Vienna! As both Mozilla and the local quintessenz association (who also organized Linuxwochen) have agreed to work together in organizing this, I could point people to the MozCamp Wien taking place on October 27, 2009.
We are in the very early stages of planning, not knowing much more than the date, the topic and the format (MozCamp in the way it has been done in Utrecht in March), but stay tuned here for updates on details as we get them figured out!

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from Kyiv

I am quite puzzled, but my nightly (Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; uk; rv:1.9.1b4p -- about 6.1-6.2 seconds.

jit.content is true.

tried both with clean profiles.
2009-04-20 10:53



Of course, you need to compare to a non-JIT build on the same computer, as slower computers are of course slower in calculating.
This example squares and adds complex numbers up to 500 times per pixel, for 60000 pixels (300x300), so it can take some time (the black pixels are where it reaches to maximum). The interesting value is the difference between JIT being used or not.
2009-04-20 13:23


from Germany

Hmm, the Mandelbrot Web-Demo will not run here using todays Win-Nightly with JIT-Content disabled. With JIT-Content enabled it took about one Second until it was finished, using the default Settings. Funny, it runs slightly faster in my Win2k-Virtual-Box-VM than on the real System. Maybe caused by less installed Add-Ons.
2009-04-20 15:09


@Tim: JIT is not yet enabled for x86_64 builds (even when you have jit.content set to true IIRC). Try with a 32bit official build and you should see a difference.
2009-04-20 18:00

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