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New on dev.seamonkey.at: Bug Stats

I originally created dev.seamonkey.at as a place to have a gallery of the submissions in the process of finding a new SeaMonkey logo back in 2005.

In the recent years, I started slowly adding handy links and overviews to the main page of the site, slowly transforming it to a dashboard for SeaMonkey data that can be interesting to SeaMonkey developers (mainly stuff that's interesting for myself).

This includes Bugzilla blocking/approved/wanted/fixed radar queries for our upcoming releases or a CVS tag overview (which I needed for some time to catch when Firefox releases would be tagged), but had been enhanced over time to include the most recently filed SeaMonkey bugs listed directly on the site, current download numbers directly from the bouncer tool and a list of recent hg changesets and CVS changes that affect SeaMonkey, along with links to bug lists related to those changes.

As of last night, the main page now also features some bug statistics about the SeaMonkey product in the last 2 and the current week, with numbers and links to the following queries:
This gives a bit of an overview of what's happening, and I hope it's useful to more people than just me. I'll happily evaluate adding other queries to those statistics when suggested here - and the same is true for adding other info on that page! :)

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