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Excellent Movie, Trouble For Canon

If you want to know absolutely nothing about the new Star Trek movie, stop reading now!

For everyone who can stand a few pointers but don't want to know the real story, you probably can safely read this article though - I just watched this new motion picture and am just conserving rough thoughts here without story details, probably not telling more on those than things I already knew before - at least when it comes to the real story trail.

For one thing, it's a great Science Fiction movie, with lots of action and special effect but a reasonable story, it pictures the characters well, in the style they are known, it ties in with lots of classic Star Trek mottos and themes as well as with the humor it always had - but it's re-inventing the whole story of how the famous crew of the NCC-1701 ("no damn A, B, C, or D") came together. It's not even trying to depict the events that led to the classic series and movies, as the villain travels back from post-Nemesis time to arrive right at the day of James Tiberius Kirk's birth, changing under what circumstances that happened and therefore everything happening beyond that point, creating its own parallel universe, basically.
Only "the old Spock", who has also traveled back (as we knew due to Nimoy being in the movie), remains with the knowledge of everything we know about what was canon up to now. Oh, and the Enterprise series remains canon due to happening before that point in time.

So, here are my surprises - without giving away actual story trails:

So, all in all, go and watch the movie, it's worth it. If you liked Star Trek previously, you will like the movie. If you don't take all consistency in the canon too seriously, you will even love it. If you like Science Fiction and action tied in with non-parody humor, you will like it. If you like stories of how people who haven't found the right balance in their lives can grow their personalities and become successful, you also will like this motion picture.
I see chances for improvements, but I have seen some worse things than this production in Star Trek. In fact, I enjoyed it and I conclude that I can like it.

Oh, and I want to see another movie based on this one and wish the whole team "Good luck!" with this and hopefully following productions.

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It only starts showing tomorrow here in Brasil :(

Ps: I don't NECESSARILY hate you :)
2009-05-08 03:31


To the stuff you alluded to about continuity: You have to remember that 25 years of history has been altered. Although it is unlikely that Spock would have known Romulans were similar in ancestry, it certainly is possible the Federation/Vulcans had some contact with them in the 25 years of history that was changed.
2009-05-08 10:18


from Miami

wasn't it made clear in enterprise that romulans and vulcans had common ancestry? I'm pretty sure it was but am not 100%
2009-05-08 21:13


I've seen it now
I've to start saying that you made a excellent commentary, several points of which i hadn't paid attention to till i read this.

- Indeed as i believe Romulans hadn't been seen till about the time the movie plays, although, as another commenter said, there's 25 years of non canon things happening, maybe in that universe they have been seen already.

" * The Vulcan thing is going to be somewhat troublesome for this new Star Trek universe, I guess - but it makes the storyline told here believable. IMHO, it's OK, but still troublesome."
- I knew that Vulcan wasn't destroyed in the cannon !!! Didn't liked it, but as you said makes the movie believable

" * The Uhura-Spock stuff is so unnecessary and completely unneeded for the story. If I were the producer, I would have cut it out just because it doesn't make any real sense for what's being told here."
- Don't think its unnecessary, it plays a very important part: This Spock acknowledges his emotions (despite controlling then as our old Spock would) much easier than old Spock(Something that Nimoy's Spock knows, agrees, and appears to stimulate), what, i imagine, constitutes the "new vulcan" race

"; * An Orion girl apparently being in Starfleet Academy doesn't make much sense for the part of the canon we still need to assume."
- Miscegenation?, it was a point in which Gene Roddenberry really believed.

"... Quinto's Spock has many strong performances but some weak spots - especially where he meets his older self, Nimoy - of course - really is Spock, nobody can doubt that, though his performance starts off slightly weak."
- I don't see as many weak spots (although i admit he was real showing too much emotion at times) in light of what i said about the "new Vulcan" race, i think it was a movie objective.

" * Saldana's Uhura is really, really great, and towards the end feels much more like a bridge officer than that character ever did."
- 100,000% agreed, the original Uhura never really made anything. Despite being highly regarded by the other crewmates. Or maybe TOS simply never correctly appreciated the difficulty of interstellar translation, don't know...

" * The "red matter" is even bad in terms of usual Science Fiction. Come on, something without scientific background and with an unimaginative name as well? At least Spock should have a technobabble name for it, even if Nero might not.
* And the whole thing of fleeing from a black hole is scientifically weak, as well as not explaining why suddenly a mere black hole is a space/time portal."
- Its the death of Science in science-fiction

"... "don't throw away your life, take what you have, use it to your best abilities and you can achieve great things" - and that, I have to say, is truly Star Trek."
- Indeed
2009-05-09 19:48


from US

I have to agree with two of your points:
* The destruction of Vulcan: very bad.
* An Orion girl in Star Fleet: WTF!?

Also, I was disappointed that only Spock and McCoy had any resemblance to the old cast.
2009-05-14 14:50


Great movie. Only two minor quibbles which I have to say.

1. I don't care what alternate timeline/universe it is, Kirk and two Spocks would fold, bend, spindle, and mutilate the timeline as they saw fit to save Vulcan. The older Spock wouldn't just go off to the new colony and start hoeing spuds ( or whatever veggie Vulcan colonists hoe.)

2. I don't care how awesomely heroic and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious you are, you don't get handed a Captaincy straight out of the academy in any service.
2009-05-20 00:18

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