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New Download Manager Lands In SeaMonkey!

The culmination of a long stream of work has just happened: The switch to the toolkit download manager has just landed on comm-central, along with the reworked tree-based download manager UI and the rewritten per-download progress windows (which formally aren't "dialogs" any more).

Image No. 20970

This is a rather large change code-wise: hg diff -r qparent -r qtip | diffstat before doing the actual qfinish and push told me that all those patches result in:
53 files changed, 5766 insertions(+), 620 deletions(-).

Most of the new code is the manager and progress UIs as well as the tests, the actual switch patch removes more than it adds due to obsoleting pref-applications-edit.xul, which the old file handling dialog needed to save the "remember this decision" checkbox info (yes, an evil hack).
Once we come around to remove the code we actually obsoleted in the mozilla-{central,1.9.1} tree, the deletions of that work will probably outweigh the current insertions of code lines overall - some of the obsoleted code might even still be packaged but not used by toolkit (and therefore, even Firefox).

Thanks to Justin (Callek) for figuring out how to do this all and taking on the work to make the actual backend switch (really work), thanks to Frank (mcsmurf) for fixing all the review comments to the actual switch patch while Justin is mostly absent due to being busy with work and family and not having a useful Internet connection around - and thanks to Neil for all the reviews.
Thanks for MDC and MXR and whoever wrote up useful in-code description of the tree interfaces that are not documented usefully on MDC yet, thanks to those who made it able that dropping in a custom UI to work with the toolkit download manager works at all.
And thanks for all the people who have been patiently waiting for this to happen - including the localizers who couldn't have fully working localized builds - up to now.

And here's what this means for you:
There surely are a number of things to improve in the UI still, a number of which are filed as dependent bugs of the download manager and progress UI bugs linked above. We are in a state though where we feel we are ready for putting what we have into the upcoming SeaMonkey 2.0 Beta 1.
Let us know how well it works for you and what we still can improve, both the backend and the UI code we have now (hey, even I understand the latter!) are a much better base to build those developments upon than the old xpfe code we had been using so far - you might even be able to work on it yourself!

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    Tony Mechelynck

    from Brussels, Belgium

    "starting with tomorrow's nightlies", meaning, if you know where to look, you can already lay hands on it, like I just did, heheheh. Long live SeaMonkey, and the people who keep it up, yayyayyaay!!! :-) :-) :-) :-)
    2009-05-29 19:46

    Péter Connell

    from England

    Download manager
    I miss double clicking to open and delete key to delete :-(
    2009-05-30 16:26



    Those will come back, bugs are filed for them. Shouldn't be too hard to do, but I wanted to get the main thing in first - this is a complete rewrite of the interface...
    2009-05-30 18:07

    Serge Gautherie

    I did a few builds and ran whatever (automated/litmus) tests I found 6 months ago, to help Justin.
    That's very little compared to all the rest: congratulations all!
    2009-05-31 05:32


    seamonkey 2 beta 1
    is there a schedule for beta 1?
    2009-05-31 11:16



    David, we are as eager as you to have some schedule for Beta 1 - unfortunately, we need a stable mailnews base for it, and that means that Thunderbird must freeze the code as well, and they have not set a schedule for their upcoming beta, which has been "right around the corner" for a couple of weeks now, after they broke the schedule they had for it.
    The Thunderbird team and we from SeaMonkey will have to have some deep talk once this episode is over, we need to care that such a situation doesn't repeat. Both projects have been completely without schedule for weeks now.
    2009-06-01 13:42


    from Australia

    my wish list as a user
    As a sort of software developer ... I concentrated not so much on the user code, but rather on the end user's needs.
    I note you have worked on the "inside" of the code (wonderful) but I am going to express my needs as a user and let you "fit them in" as you see fit.

    I want a "basic" download manager. I find I use it more often than "other types." It works on everything. I can use others - multi threads - interfaces with this or that program ... but the basic download manager is essential and I end up relying on it to the exclusion of all else.
    Which is what you have provided ...

    After I have pressed "download", I get a pop up window where I, the user - interface with Mozilla.

    This area - not the internals, is where I used to make the difference.
    And it is in many ways the easiest part - but it separates a fantastic program from a good program from a lousy program.

    So here is the actual wish list.

    Interface with mozilla
    Download again.
    Special download again ... if you are downloading a 1G program, a glitch comes at 900M and mozilla thinks you are done - you do not want to download the entire 1G.

    Interface with windows
    Go to file (open windows explorer)
    Open with

    Interface WITHOUT the windows explorer limits.

    Mozilla open ... which is "run" without opening the windows explorer "do all things" windows checks and cross checks that can slow or stop the computer ... eg windows opening "thumbnail" on an avi before you actually run it ...

    Specials - and I will spend a little time and say DO NOT USE WINDOWS here.
    It can be delete when there is a virus when any windows reference triggers your antivirus protection or the like, or a "secure delete" using your own secure delete program ...

    Custom tool bar
    If I have a special application I use all the time, not only would it be in "specials" but I can add my program to the tool bar as an icon.

    IOW your download manager box becomes my own special custom built windows explorer interface without the drawbacks of windows explorer.

    I hope others add in their "I want this" to the wish list.
    When you know what people want - filling their fantasies is easy ... and rewarding. Well, i found it so anyway.

    Nobody appreciates 2000 man hours working on the tree structure - but they rave over the thirty minutes programing for an icon they can program!

    Last edited by KaiRo at 2009-06-25 15:38

    2009-06-25 04:44



    Mark, please file wishes in Bugzilla, one item per report.
    2009-06-25 15:39

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