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SeaMonkey Add-Ons Website

Working towards SeaMonkey 2, we're improving Add-Ons support tremendously, as you might know. This also includes more and better integration with Mozilla's SeaMonkey Add-Ons site.

I was just reminded by a few events that I need to get in closer contact with the "AMO" (addons.mozilla.org) team for making the experience of that service better for our users.

While I'm writing a mail about this, I thought it would be a good idea to become aware of any additional issues that I should bring into that discussion at a later stage (note that not everything might get resolved right away, but AMO folks are willing to help us make our experience better).

So if you know of problems with the SeaMonkey add-ons website that are about its interaction with or application to SeaMonkey specifically, please let me know in comments to this post, I'll forward the problems (ideally you can also provide an already-filed bug about this for tracking).

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Stephen Donner

from Mountain View, CA

Let the AMO team know how we can help!
Thanks for the blog post -- let us (the AMO team) know how we can help; we'd love to have your feedback/testing support.

- Stephen (QA)
2009-05-27 22:09


from Tokio

How about the problem that add-ons for other mozilla products(such as Firefox) are listed as add-on for Seamonkey ?
well, I know this is very famous problem (or bug?) regards with that website, but just want to make it sure it is gonna be fixed. here is some example.

how wonderful if Zotero can really work as add-ons for Seamonkey...
2009-05-28 15:46


Firefox/SeaMonkey API parity big problem for addon
I think SeaMonkey more needed in Firefox/SeaMonkey API-calls parity - especially it needed in porting all Firefox tabbrowser API !!!
Because now ALMOST all extensions can't work - they use FF tabbrowser API !!!

So, if FF tabbrowser API will be ported to SM almost all extensions will work fine in SM. (not the only tab extensions)

Thank you in advance in that case .
2009-05-29 02:24

Tony Mechelynck

from Brussels, Belgium

Well, Dove, of course having a common backend for tabs in Fx and Sm would be ideal, but there is a problem: IIUC the present backends are very different, and harmonizing them would be an enormously huge lot of work. So, unless you and twenty others are ready to work on it 12h per day, 35 days per month ;-) , I'm not going to expect anything like it any time soon... though one may of course dream.
2009-05-29 20:06


Quote of turu:
How about the problem that add-ons for other mozilla products(such as Firefox) are listed as add-on for Seamonkey ?

This has been an issue with AMO for me also -- it seems that many Firefox add-ons have been listed as SeaMonkey-compatible on AMO without someone actually testing them on SeaMonkey to be sure. I usually look on xsidebar.mozdev.org and seamonkey.be for compatible add-ons, most of which are FireFox extensions that users have modded to work on SeaMonkey.
2009-05-31 05:33


password manager
I would like to see Seamonkey 2 be able to use always remember password. The password manager in Seamonkey 2 will not remember Hotmail or Yahoo mail passwords.

Is there any bypass options that can be incorporated?
2009-07-25 23:57

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