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It's UNCONFIRMED Bugmail Day!

I have blogged about the plans to move old untouched bugs to UNCONFIRMED some time ago, the SeaMonkey team has agreed to move forward with this in the meantime, and today I went for actually doing the change.

So, that makes it bugmail day. So far, I have handled about 900 of the 2750 bugs, and I've run into a problem with Bugzilla that made me re-post the status change and comment, sometimes multiple times, until I realized that it was actually processing the bugs but only cutting the connection for sending me the feedback. Because of that, some bugs with IDs under 110000 ended up with multiple comments from this. I'm very sorry about that.
I'll do the rest of the bugs when Bugzilla has calmed down a bit and will try to avoid the problem causing those multiple comments.

You can filter the bugmail from this change looking for the string "mass-UNCONFIRM-20090614" and this string can also be queried as part of the comment when looking for those bugs later.

Entry written by KaiRo and posted on June 14th, 2009 18:42 | Tags: Bugzilla, Mozilla, SeaMonkey, triage | 4 comments


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    Multiple submits
    Not only did this generate huge quantities of extraneous spam, but you also reset to UNCONFIRMED some bugs that I'd set to NEW after you set them to UNCOFIRMED... Which means I'm not going to bother doing that anymore, since you're just going to reset them anyway. Note that this resetting happened several hours after this post and after I'd set them to NEW, if I'm reading my date stamps right.
    2009-06-14 23:49


    More on bugs
    Oh, and some bugs you not only reset to unconfirmed but ALSO moved back into Seamonkey after I moved them out.

    If you don't want them fixed, just wontfix them and be done with it, ok?
    2009-06-14 23:51



    Boris, I didn't mean to submit multiple times or to re-set anything that had been set after me doing this change. This was a bad accident with Bugzilla and me not cooperating the way we should be.
    Sorry to have caused bad things or pissed you off somewhat, I clearly didn't mean to do that, there were multiple processes running to completion in the background when I thought they would have actually not completed and when Apache had broken the connection to my browser.
    2009-06-15 00:30

    JW vanLohuizen

    So what else is new
    I have been embarrassed and apologized then complained before about not seeing my posts and then reposting them before realizing that it had gone through but wasn't notified that it had, but this has never been addressed.

    The last post I tried to make about Seamonkey 2 not importing mail folders also never appears to have gone through despite a couple of submissions so I just assumed they didn't care about fixing the problems on bugzilla and in Seamonkey.
    2009-06-16 07:30

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