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More Weekly and Radar Bug Statistics

Last night I came around to do more work on my SeaMonkey development website and now can expose a lot of additional numbers there:

Weekly bug statistics on the SeaMonkey product (i.e. of bugs that are there nowadays) are now available for all of 1998 to now (the last three weeks get automatically updated, the rest needs manual triggering from me if wanted). See the Weekly Bug Stats pages for all the data.

Also, the site is now displaying numbers to the release radar queries, so even on the front page you can see how many blocker requests or open blockers etc. there are for currently watched releases, a radar overview page displays them for all releases in the database, once again updates are only done for a subset of those releases as configured in the DB, all others need to be triggered manually.

I hope those numbers are not just interesting for myself, but I mainly did this out of my personal interest (or for my own release driving in case of the radars).

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