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Progress on XULRunner-based Mandelbrot app

This week, I found some more time to hack around on my fun project to do a Mandelbrot set fractal renderer in XULRunner - some of that fun hackery done on the N810, some on my desktop, finally some on my laptop, and now those sources create a really usable application.
The only thing holding me back from doing a downloadable "(pre)release" package of any kind is that it's still somewhat hard to do that for XUL/JS-only XULRunner apps. I'd need to compile my own XULRunner and package it with that or such to get a usable downloadable thing.

Image No. 21897

What I added this week to bring it over the top was a zoom function that works by dragging the mouse over any piece of a rendered image and a possibility to bookmark locations and call them up again at a later point. With that, one can easily navigate to different places and get pictures like the one above - my laptop calculated and rendered the original 1280x1024 picture in a matter of seconds, with a 1.9.1 XULRunner from some time this weekend, so the same TraceMonkey present in Firefox 3.5.2 to calculate all those iterations, and I did save the contents of the canvas used to paint it as a PNG with the functionality I have in the application. Any quality degradation comes from scaling and converting to JPEG on my web server.

Oh, and there's one more interesting picture I did get out of this work:

Image No. 21895
(larger sizes linked, original 1280x1024 desktop-wallpaper-ready version available on personal request)

All the fractal pixels in this image come from TraceMonkey's calculation again, of course, but the GIMP helped slightly to finish off this one. ;-)

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    use the -app trick
    I'd need to compile my own XULRunner and package it with that or such to get a usable downloadable thing.

    You know about the firefox -app Path/to/Application.ini trick? Since the big FF apps have the XULRunner files inside, you can point some of them at a XULRunner app's Application.ini and they'll load its chrome instead of their own. Works fine for Firefox, does it work for SeaMonkey too?
    2009-08-03 14:10



    Yes, I know about this "trick", this was built into Firefox only (not SeaMonkey or any other Mozilla-based app I know of), but in any case, there is no good way of delivering my application in a nice way, other than making users download e.g. a zip file, unpack it and use such a cryptic commandline to run it on a separately installed Firefox or XULRunner copy.
    People who are able to do that can also fetch the sources from my git repo ;-)

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    2009-08-03 14:51

    Sara Pall

    from USA

    CoOooOOOOOoool job Dude
    What is 1.9.1 XULRunner?????
    Is it really a thing that i dont know...lolz
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