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The Build System Porting Tool

I've been talking about it in weekly status updates for a while, now it's in a state where I can publicly link it: The Build System Porting Tool I've set up to track changes in the Mozilla build system that (may) need to be ported to the comm-central build system files.

The tool's database knows about over 2200 "changes" (one change per Mercurial revision and file, i.e. one revision touching 3 tracked files create 3 "changes"), and people with edit access to the tool can flag any such change as ignored or ported as well as add a bug report and revision for the port. Currently only site admins have edit access, i.e. that's only me, but the code should be fairly easy to adjust to give other people such access as well (this solution was just the fastest to get the tool working well enough at all).
So, the really large part of the work was to narrow down those >2200 changes and eliminate all that can be ignored (e.g. not needed to be ported, before comm-central creation point, listed on 1.9.1 but before branch point) and mark all that have already been ported, of course with the correct information. Coming down to about 350 changes was easy by ignoring changes by time (branch point, etc.) but then it needed me to take a look on every single change to determine if it needs work. I did this over the last few weeks, and now we're down to just under 190 changes we still need to take a look at.

Serge has been working on a number of those we need to be on par with 1.9.1 recently, to get up to speed with mozilla-central we'll need a good pile of more work - but now we have a way to track all this.

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