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Weekly Status Report, W32/2009

Here's a summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 32/2009 (August 3 - 9, 2009):

Porting things is a major topic in SeaMonkey these days, esp. in the ongoing effort to go from a left-behind codebase we inherited in 2005 to a product that is up-to-date with all the things ongoing in Firefox 3.5, Thunderbird 3 and even beyond. We made a good number of large steps already, but more is to do. Many of those things are opportunities for new contributors to learn Mozilla code, if you're playing with the thought of helping out with code, don't be afraid to look into the TB2SM and FF2SM bugs that list application-specific thing we want to port from Thunderbird or Firefox. Of course, we need to and will add our own innovations next to and/or on top of those things, after all, we are more than a sum of Firefox and Thunderbird (download manager is a good example where we don our own thing on top of their base).

That said, our focus in about the last two months of SeaMonkey 2 development, which we are probably entering right now, must turn more and more to fixes. Some glitches can be fixed more easily, some are harder, and we need all the help we can get to smoothen things as much as possible for 2.0. Still, I don't expect SeaMonkey 2.0 to be perfect. It surely will be better than 1.1.x in the vast majority of things, but in some, it might be worse. We're trying to fix everything we can - but after all, we're a rather small group of people, working on this project in their free time. And we are humans, which in our very nature makes us not perfect, and neither the products we create. We're damn good people though, and we're trying to do our best, and we hope that will make SeaMonkey 2.0 a damn good product as well. :)

Oh, and do you know the new "suite." T-shirt on the Mozilla Community Store? ;-)

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Tony Mechelynck

from Brussels, Belgium

T-shirt logos
> Oh, and do you know the new "suite." T-shirt on the Mozilla Community Store? ;-)

That "suite" T-shirt is nice, but I like the "SeaMonkey logo for dark apparel" even better.
2009-08-10 17:52


x86_64 nighty builds ?
I was wondering if there will be any chance to get nightly build for x86_64 ?
2009-08-11 09:50



Franck, we already have had those for a while, just look into latest-comm-1.9.1
2009-08-11 13:29


This is off-topic, but I found interesting article featured SM2.0:

What makes this article is interesting, is this is review for seamonkey2.0 on Mac, and it's my first time to see SM2.0 working on Mac !
sorry for off-topic, but this article somehow made me excited, and want to share with some other people...
2009-08-13 23:28



Yes, I read that one, and I was impressed that it already got a good review on Mac even though the new Mac theme is not in beta 1 yet, we will only have that in beta 2 (and in nightlies probably starting tomorrow).
2009-08-14 13:55

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