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My Upcoming Trip to the US Gulf Region

As some of you might know, I've long been planning to go on vacation in November, and this is coming up fast now, so I'll let everyone know where I'll be in those weeks that you'll not see me on IRC or, unless there's an emergency, anywhere else in the online world.

I'll take off together with a good friend (who already joined me for the California trip last year) from Vienna next Saturday, November 7th in the morning and land in Houston, TX on the same day in the late afternoon (thanks to the time shift). From there, we've rented a car and will do a round trip that is only roughly planned and subject to change as we feel necessary.

Our current plan is as follows:
Nov 07-10: Houston Area (Space Center, Galveston, ...)
Nov 11: Houston - Port Arthur - Baton Rouge - New Orleans
Nov 12-14: New Orleans
Nov 15: New Orleans - Gulfport - Biloxi - Pensacola
Nov 16: Pensacola - Montgomery - Atlanta
Nov 17-18: Atlanta
Nov 19: Atlanta - Chattanooga - Nashville
Nov 20: Nashville
Nov 21: Nashville - Jackson - Memphis
Nov 22: Memphis
Nov 23: Memphis - Little Rock
Nov 24: Little Rock - Texarkana - Dallas
Nov 25-26: Dallas (26th: Football match @ Cowboys Stadium)
Nov 27: Dallas - Houston
Nov 28: Houston/Flight

In the afternoon of the 28th, we'll ride the plane back to Europe, arriving in Vienna on 29th around noon (now paying for the timeshift).

A map of POIs we've marked for this trip is available from Google maps (I'd so much love if OpenStreetMaps would support easily generating such things). If you know anything additional that could be interesting to pay a visit to, please tell me about it!

If you want to meet up with us somewhere, note that our plans are not set in stone and we might change them around as we see fit, but I should be able to check email every evening at the hotels, and that will probably also be the only reasonable way of contacting me in that time. I won't read anything that doesn't suggest in the subject that it's important or affecting my trip, though. I'm on vacation, after all.

That said, I'll still be around next week, but don't expect any really heavy work from me - and have a great November!

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Web services
Kairo why don't you use services like dopplr to announces you trips ?
2009-10-30 19:19



Probably because I don't know those services and what they are for - and then, I try to avoid vendor-lock-in solutions, so I'd need to check that service for things like that first.
2009-10-30 19:55


from Starkville, Mississippi

You're basically making a huge circle around me, heh.
2009-11-02 07:05

Clint Talbert

from San Francisco, CA, USA

Places of interest in the US Gulf Coast
Hey Kairo,

I grew up in a tiny town over in East Texas -- Bridge City, just south of you as you pass through on I-10 on your way to New Orleans. Here are a couple of additional points of interest.

* Galveston
** The Strand -- a turn of the century era, touristy part of the city, good for wandering and buying gifts and finding some food.

* Houston
** Rothko Chapel - situated in the most (ok, the only) beautiful parts of Houston. It's very beautiful and very meditative.
** Houston Museums - both modern and historic art, natural science (very awesome dinosaur exhibits), butterfly garden, japanese garden...you could spend an entire day in the museum district

* Bridge City...yeah there's nothing to see there. Move along :)
** Actually, if you looked around, I bet you could find an airboat tour through some of the swamps and bayous in Port Arthur/Orange/Lake Charles area. Although, if you were going to do that I'd recommend the Atchafalya swamp.

* Between Lake Charles and Baton Rouge you'll cross the Atchafalya swamp. If you had only one chance to tour a swamp, you should probably tour either this one or the everglades in Florida. I've never been down inside the Atchafalya but it's something I've always wanted to do. Here's the first thing google turned up: http://www.theatchafalayaexperience.com/

* New Orleans
** Take the Trolley up into the Garden District (St. Charles line)
** Cafe Du Monde - an excellent little coffee shop that hasn't really changed since the early 1900's. Great beignets and cafe au lait.
** I don't know if these have reopened since Katrina but here are some recommendations:
*** The Columns Hotel -- St. Charles, Absolutely fabulous brunch (possibly only on sundays). You have to dress to the 9's, but they served bottomless mimosas :)
*** Dick and Jenny's off Napoleon and Tchoupitoulas (say: "Chopittoolass"), some of the very best creole food anywhere. It's worth the wait.
*** And though the website appears to not look like the restaurant I remember, the Ricobono's at the Panola street location was always my very favorite breakfast place of all (though it is WAY off the beaten path). I recommend the Buckwheat pancakes: Riccobono’s Panola Street Café Address: 7801 Panola Street, New Orleans, LA 70118 ~ Phone: 504-314-1810 ~ Business Hours: 7:00 am - TILL

Hope that helps, have a good trip!
2009-11-02 18:14

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