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Dropping 1.9.2, Going 1.9.3 for SeaMonkey 2.1

I reported on SeaMonkey 2.1 planning earlier and also about the fact that we have been unsure if we should go 1.9.2 or 1.9.3 in terms of the platform there.

I sent mails to the SeaMonkey Council and a few quite active developers in the last days, and asked for opinions on dropping support for 1.9.2 and going for firmly basing SeaMonkey 2.1 on Mozilla platform 1.9.3 instead.

Nobody was really against that, and most people were firmly or mostly supportive, so that we decided to go for this.

With this, the suite directory and application on comm-central will only support 1.9.3 from now on, and SeaMonkey will not support 1.9.2 at all.

We will be erroring out for --enable-application=suite builds when a Mozilla 1.9.2 tree is in use, and also remove 1.9.2 ifdefs from the suite/ directory in comm-central.

This only affects SeaMonkey-specific code, of course, and Thunderbird will be going for 1.9.2 as main target from the same comm-central tree, so any shared code needs ifdefs to deal with 1.9.2 vs. 1.9.3 until we branch comm-1.9.2 some time in the future.

We hope we can work towards a good SeaMonkey 2.1 release with improvements in features and be able to close the gap to Firefox by releasing closer to their next final release. Scheduling for both those releases is still a bit unsure, but we'll see more about that once we get a clearer picture of what features we can get in and what state we're in for delivering something stable to users (that's true for both Firefox and SeaMonkey).

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    Why wouldn't you?
    I guess it comes down to whether there's a reason *not* to use 1.9.3. And if it was considered good enough for Firefox to use with their larger user base, that doesn't seem likely...
    2010-02-16 23:10

    Tony Mechelynck

    from Brussels, Belgium

    How good would you say they are now?
    How good would you say comm-central-trunk builds of Sm are now in terms of dogfoodability? (Not for general public use, IOW). Of course, I don't expect the "quality difference" to be as huge as it was between the first suiterunner builds and the contemporaneous 1.1 xpfe builds (which made me fall in love with Suiterunner when it was still calling itself 1.5a) but in the months since comm-central builds have been coming out every day (several times a day if we count tinderbox-builds), I'm wondering if they wouldn't be ready for "testing in real-life conditions" i.e., with my usual 31 extensions (including DOMi and cZ), 80 tabs, 4 POP accounts plus Movemail, RSS, Newsgroups (Mozilla and Usenet) and of course Local%20Folders, and last but not least, my favourite nondefault Preferences and my userC*.css...?

    Of course, I know that the final decision will be mine, that testing any product at version 2.1a1pre (i.e. before even the alpha-1 release for that branch) is not for the faint of heart, and that BMO is there to be used. ;-)
    2010-02-17 03:55


    from Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Skipping 1.9.2 is a GOOD thing for Seamonkey 2.1
    I totally agree on ditching Gecko 1.9.2 altogether and going straight to 1.9.3 for Seamonkey 2.1. Of course, that would mean that SM 2.1 could be due out in late 2010, which I really DO NOT mind at all since the latest Seamonkey 2.0 release is working fine on most of my machines. Only one of my computers is using a recent SM 2.1a1pre nightly build which seems stable.
    2010-02-17 04:09



    Tony, it's hard to say as we don't have much testing of trunk builds yet, and I am still using 2.0.x myself.
    I expect 2.1a1pre to be mostly usable right now, but there might be showstoppers for some people, I can't really say.
    I guess best is to test it yourself, possibly with a fresh profile, and see where it's at right now.
    2010-02-17 13:48


    Microsoft => New Screen To Chose Browser
    Microsoft will show a new screen to users choose the browser.
    Can you do something to show the Seamonkey too ? This thing will be to europe and Seamonkey is strong on Germany.
    2010-02-20 16:59



    SeaMonkey cannot be on the "browser ballot" screen as it is a Mozilla project, and only one browser per "vendor" can be on the ballot - which for Mozilla is Firefox, of course. The whole view of "vendors" is not very compatible with the open source view of the world, but we can't change that.
    2010-02-21 14:16

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