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Weekly Status Report, W08/2010

Here's a summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 08/2010 (February 22 - 28, 2010):

Could make some good progress this week, and build system porting is also progressing a lot, which is really good to see. I hope other SeaMonkey 2.1 work is also progressing so that we can make this a really good release. Meanwhile, a second alpha from the Mozilla 1.9.3 platform is being made, so we hopefully have something to base on once we have some new code to test in an alpha of our own.

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EOLing Seamonkey 1.x so soon, KaiRo?
hmm, I wonder if you'll be EOLing Seamonkey 1.x once 1.1.19 gets released.
I have yet to hear from the MozillaMessaging people to announce EOL for Thunderbird 2.x.

since I see new TB nightly builds here:

and I see no more new SM 1.x nightlies here:

I guess you might be EOLing SM 1.x first before MozillaMessaging EOLs TB 2.x.
2010-03-03 17:46



Yes, 1.1.19 will mark the end of line - actually the announcement will mainly be EOL and the new release that fixes many but not all security problems with the previous 1.x releases. The only version that fixes all known issues is the current 2.0.x release.

I have stopped nightlies because of that EOL. We need to do this before Thunderbird for multiple reasons - one being that we ship code that is different to Thunderbird (mostly in the browser) and doesn't get any security updates any more because nobody cares to port those fixes. If we can't ship secure releases from that branch, we should better not ship any. And the build machines for that branch are quite old and living in my private basement, they should really be turned off...
2010-03-03 23:21


Just in, the release date of Thunderbird has been shifted to Monday, March 15 as noted on the MozillaWiki Releases page:

I heard from BenoitRen from one of the Seamonkey forum threads at mozillazine, that he's unable to turn in a Win95 NSS patch now that Seamonkey 1.1.19 code freeze already took place, so that SM 1.1.19 can run on his Win95 computer. Too little, too late to submit it now. poor guy; I almost feel bad for him. He has to still run SM 1.1.17 because SM 1.1.18 and the upcoming 1.1.19 won't install nor work on his Win95 machine (unless he installs the IE shell32.dll v4.72.x update, which he hates to do).

I had random crashing problems with the 3/1/2010 SM 2.1a1pre nightlies yesterday. Seems like today's SM 2.1a1pre nightlies are more stable than the one I installed yesterday.
2010-03-04 01:08

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