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Weekly Status Report, W09/2010

Here's a summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 09/2010 (March 1 - 7, 2010):

The SeaMonkey project is about to turn 5 years old! On March 10, 2005, the Mozilla Foundation posted a transition plan to surrender development, project and release management for the long-lived application suite to the community and therefore paved the road for our project to emerge. On July 2, we announced that our newly formed project would go under the "SeaMonkey" name, on September 15, we released our first Alpha under that brand, on December 2, we announced our new logo, and January 30, 2006, marked the SeaMonkey 1.0 release. While we started development of a toolkit-based really new version shortly after that, we did a 1.1 with only smaller improvements on top of 1.0 a year later. The brand new development version took a quite long time to be ready and stable, but was delivered to the public on October 27, 2009, as the SeaMonkey 2.0 release. Now, we're working on more to come while we're finally stopping support on the old xpfe-based suite code we inherited 5 years ago and which has served as a good base for getting this project set up, thriving on its own and work with more modern code in the end.
I'll do a dedicated blog post about this topic in the next days - probably on the SeaMonkey blog. Let's celebrate the first 5 years of this project and work on many more to come!

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Tony Mechelynck

from Brussels, Belgium

Happy Birthday!
OK, so IIUC the baby was born on March 10, christened on July 2, entered kindergarten on September 15 and had a new set of clothes ready for St. Nicholas's Day (which is on December 6) in order to enter the "big school" in January. ;-)

So by this account, tomorrow (European time) or the day after (in the Americas) will be SeaMonkey's fifth birthday. Let's all make ready to celebrate!
2010-03-09 02:47

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