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What Places Have You Bookmarked?

Some people might remember that I had worked on the places history support we shipped in SeaMonkey 2.0 (as a side note, congrats to the Camino folks for making the jump as well).

Now I've done work on the next step, converting bookmarks to places:

Image No. 22245

I have the first part of the patch up in the place bookmarks bug report, which doesn't implement anything really visible yet, though.

There's a lot of work in this work I have done here, there are a few flaws left, and even when it lands, this is a start, not a final state of our reworked bookmarks support.
There are a lot of things we can and should improve in followup bugs, I have some ideas on that and I know other people in the community have as well - esp. in those few areas where the old bookmarks system has features the new system can't offer. And we will be working on those and accepting patches, of course.

We will do this change though, as there are a number of things the places bookmarks system can offer that the old system can't.

Here's a some of the improvements I currently know about:The following "feature losses" or changes to the old code are noteworthy:Note that it's intentional that we are doing this early in SeaMonkey 2.1 development so we can improve the code further based on feedback from testers. Also, we're not completely mirroring Firefox, as we're keeping history and bookmarks as separate windows, and our bookmarks organizer looks much more like our standard SeaMonkey windows. We keep the bookmarks button in the personal toolbar (which of course can be removed with the customize toolbar feature).

The work in progress I have on my desktop is so far doing quite well, almost everything is working fine, with the exception of HTML import/export (needs the relevant service to move to toolkit) and the keyword feature in the location bar (places supports it, I just haven't yet found out how to hook it up).

We will have places bookmarks in SeaMonkey 2.1, with a good number of additional features, and it's progressing well. We are trying to keep the inconveniences low for people losing something they used, please let's help together to pull this off and make it a good experience for everyone.

A lot of work is still to be done, let's work together, help each other and make it an experience that is as good as it possibly can be!

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Thanks for doing this! Live bookmarks and smart folders will be welcome additions.

I'll shed many a tear over the loss of groupmarks, though. They're one of the primary reasons for me to prefer SeaMonkey over Firefox, and I'm already dreading the long learning curve of unlearning left-clicking them. What are the chances of getting them back in a second phase?
2010-03-15 08:16


vote against becoming a mandatory feature in 2.1
with replacing bookmarks.html by a places database we loose the option to share bookmarks.html between different installation on the same computer or at different computer (including different OSes).
Even it may be possible to synchronise places database between different Seamonkey 2.1 installation by copying the file, older installations like SM 1.1.18 looses as they support only bookmarks.html.

Why I'm still using SM 1.1.18 ? Simply because SM 2.0 does occasionally crash - in effect significantly more often than SM 1.1.18 - and printing behaves differently in SM1.1.18 and SM 2.0 - one time it works better in SM 1.1.18 and the other time in SM 2.0.
2010-03-15 09:10

Neil Rashbrook

from Stevenage

Bookmark query virtual folders
This used to work in the Mozilla suite, although it didn't work on trunk when I tried it just now. I don't know when it broke :-(
2010-03-15 10:38

Adrian Kalla

from Germany

Great work!
Great work KaiRo!

I'm really happy to see this working in SeaMonkey, as I'm using Weave to sync my setting across multiple computers and operating systems - and I love live bookmarks :)

Thank you Robert for the hard work!
2010-03-16 15:46


from New York City

Places support in SeaMonkey
I'm pleased to see this coming to SeaMonkey, since it's established in Firefox, and I appreciate the list of things that can be done in Places but not in the older code.

I do have one wish list item which got rejected by the Firefox devs. I have multiple Mozilla products installed, and multiple profiles, customized for different purposes. For the most part, I want to use the same bookmarks file in every profile.

In Firefox 2.X and SeaMonkey, this was simple: there was a preference that could be set to specify what bookmarks file to use, and a one line user.js file in each profile setting the preference and pointing at the desired file did the trick. I could use one bookmarks file, make adds/changes/deletions, and not worry about things getting out of sync.

FF 3 removed that preference, and to get the same functionality, I had to drop to the OS and create hard links (in Windows XP) or symlinks (in Linux) to accomplish it.

Any chance of being able to tell SeaMonkey "Use this Places file", instead of being locked into the one that appears on the Profile directory? It would be nice to be able to do this within Mozilla instead of having to drop to the OS.

(What I do now in Firefox is auto-export my bookmarks to HTML each usage. Fortunately, I can specify where to place the exported file, so I point at the master bookmarks.html file still used by FF 2 and SeaMonkey. That way, SeaMonkey and older browsers are all looking at my current set. It's not two way, and the changes don't get imported back to FF 3 if I make any in another browser, but I don't care. It happens to seldom to be a concern.)
2010-03-25 04:39



This is functionality that the backend provides, and I don't think we can fiddle much with that, though we could look at it and try to see if the auto-export could be switched to such a thing.
What we will recommend to people though is to use Weave Sync to sync data across different installations, be it at the same of different computers.
2010-03-25 16:51

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