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Weekly Status Report, W14/2010

Here's a summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 14/2010 (April 5 - 11, 2010):

I'm continuing and intensifying my thinking about how we can get more people to help the SeaMonkey project. We desperately need help in marketing, support, design and bug triage areas - which all are not tied to very in-deep code knowledge but even easy to work on without any programming knowledge. If you can help us out there, please contact us - and if you know someone who can help us, please spread the word!

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Help needed?
I'd love to help SeaMonkey, but i'm afraid i am not skilled enough to get it.

It would be probably in summer, as i'm studying currently, but my knowledge is not very opensource community friendly xDDDDDDD

- Win32-only: Delphi + Win32 API (very well): I love this combination, many well known programs are made with this. I know Visual Basic, but this is not a great thing to tell people of xDDDD
- DOS command-line: Pascal (very well) / C (not so very well)
- POSIX C: not so very well
- Many other useful/useless languages or scripting languages for small things, most of them centered around Win/DOS

...and i usually hate non-IDE (non-RAD) environments where you have to go for 200 tools to edit, to compile, to debug,... welcome to 19th century! It's not that i like modern stupidities based in interpreted languages and virtual slowashell-chines, but i love integrated tools to make you focus in what you should only focus: pro-gram-ming.

Sorry if anyone feels harmed by me, it's only an opinion ;)
2010-04-15 13:36




A whole lot of our code is in JavaScript and interacting with XUL markup, which is both easy to understand - and when you know VB and Pascal, that means you know basic programming structures, everything else is just a bit of syntax learning.

Misak for example had not been doing any programming for years and then he came around and made session restore work in SeaMonkey, so it can't be that hard after all. ;-)

As for IDE/RAD, I'm not sure what's available, I'm more the type who likes to be able to throw any editor at things and often avoid actual compiling (though I nowadays tend to use "make" and our build environment even for putting simple JS/XUL files into their correct places).

Oh, and of course, we're all around on IRC in #seamonkey a lot and happy to help!
2010-04-16 18:47


Well... i'll try to know a little fo SeaMonkey internals in summer and i'll contact you then to offer my little help.

I know JS syntax a little, but i've not used it too much (i hate interpreted shitties as i told some days ago). I'm very surprised that SM is not purely based in a C flavour.

You'll have to live with my hate to non-pure x86 code. My first goal is always performance, then it comes homogenity, elegance and symmetry in code, then aesthetics in output. Very obsesive in those goals, people usually gets tired of that xDDDDDDDDDD

Well, i won't promise anything, but... till summer !

PS: SM is getting many crashes on page load lately, i didn't notice so many in 2.0-2.02. I always send a report when crash reporter appears, but with 10-12 tabs open i don't know if you'll catch those bugs.

There's even a hang, when trying to open Mail as tabs are loading. Then, nothing works on SM, and you close it, but it won't reopen until you restart Win (XP SP3).

Yeah, i know, this is not the place... but i guess you know these problems as there should be many people suffering the same.
2010-04-17 13:48



For the crashes, they get recorded on crash-stats.mozilla.com in any case, so nothing's lost. For all of those crashes and hangs, best is of course to have a bug report on file, ideally, with a crash ID from about:crashes output.
2010-04-17 17:21

Federico Tomasello

I would if I could ;)
Hi there, I'm a c++ developer, hard SM user (and evangelist) since Netscape days, I'm full-time employed so it's quite difficult I can find any time to contribute, but I'd like to do something to help maybe some small improvements...
I don't know how I could be effective given the small amount of time available and the time I'd need to learn about the project. Maybe I could help on small things where not too much of the entire project knowledge is required?

Like the the latter guy I'm a fanatic of performance, but also architectures and style.

At this moment I cannot assure anything given the fact that my life is currently at some corner, but at the same time this could be an opportunity for me to exchange, learn and define new goals.
2010-04-17 19:55




If you can, come into #seamonkey on irc.mozilla.org and/or post in the mozilla.dev.apps.seamonkey list/group about this, I'm sure that there are people around who can find you some easy or thing to look into and get acquainted with. I'm only project coordinator and not too deeply into code, those people that are probably know things off the top of their heads where you could help!
2010-04-18 14:56

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