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Weekly Status Report, W22/2010

Here's a summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 22/2010 (May 31 - June 6, 2010):

This week, a few events in the strange world of what they call "real life" has sent me to some interesting adventures and fun but reduced the amount of work I could do next to that. Still, I could drive Data Manager another step - on the path to 1.0 the missing items left are some context menus on the lists, the "forget all data from this domain" function as well as dynamic updates of shown lists and tabs when the data changes from any indirect manipulation.
Sorting of some of the smaller lists and other functionality extensions can go into post-1.0 work (1.0 is when I'd like to get the add-ons public and start integration into SeaMonkey proper). What I'm still not completely sure about is that tabs-inside-tabs interface, I'd hope some good idea will come around there still.

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Tony Mechelynck

from Brussels, Belgium

New addon manager
All the while, SeaMonkey trunk builds (starting at the first 2.1a2pre build, 2010-05-11) are picking up changes to the new Addons Manager (there are many, and it doesn't happen as fast as snapping fingers). There'll be a Testday about that on channel #testday on the mozdev chat server next Friday 2010-06-11 from 8AM to midnight GMT, add 2h for Continental Europe summer time or subtract 7h for California DST. I think it would be nice to have some "SeaMonkey people" at that event in addition to whoever comes there from the Firefox side, maybe even especially as the "testday page" bills it as only a "Firefox 4" event. :-) People, let's show those Firefox snobs that we exist and are good for something! One man alone can do nothing, united we can do anything!
2010-06-08 04:12


from the US

Well, it's certainly not hard to be a Firefox snob. So many websites will tell you to "upgrade" to Firefox. Then, when you take into account that 1.1.19 is the latest stable version and it has known security problems and lack of support for certain technologies (at least three things can't be done on Facebook with it). I'm using SeaMonkey 2.1a1 at the moment and if anything good can be said about it over 2.0.x, it's that at least you get a crash-report dialog when it crashes. It's only crashed twice so far today; 2.0.x crashed an average of about three times a day (though, five a day wasn't uncommon). I just used Firefox for days without a single crash, so it's very tempting to go over, though its UI does have several annoyances (in particular, with tabs and bookmarks).
2010-06-10 00:50


from Los Angeles, CA, USA

wow Keith. On my XP and Vista, computers, the final releases of Seamonkey 2.0.x has NEVER crashed. Not even once (unless of course, if there was an unstable or bad addon or plugin that cause those SM 2.0x crashes).

The official release of Seamonkey 2.0.5 could get pushed back to late this week or sometime next week. Apparently, SM 2.0.5 is supposed to be released the same time as Firefox versions 3.5.10 and 3.6.4.
2010-06-10 06:25


from the US

Odd. I just submit the crash report and hope that they read them and can figure out what causes the problem. There have been some humorous crashes:
* Once, I was reporting a bug and it crashed right before I got it submitted. (Of course, it wasn't funny when I had to start over again when the browser restarted.)
* Once, I was reading about SVG support in the upcoming IE 9 at the W3C web site.
* Once, I was on the download page for Opera (of course, I use a download manager to download things, so my download wasn't interrupted; the Mozilla download manager has always been unreliable, to put it mildly).
2010-07-25 17:43

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