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Weekly Status Report, W25/2010

Here's a summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 25/2010 (June 21 - 27, 2010):

I took some time this week to spend at the said-to-be largest open air festival in Europe, the "Donauinselfest" (danube island festival) here in Vienna, but I hope I still could get some good work done. ;-)

Also, it looks like SeaMonkey 2.1 Alpha 2 will show off a few good new features but will really be more of alpha quality than some of our other quite high-quality milestones. As usage of the previous is also not excessive, I think it might just be good to get this out for testing rather than respinning it too much, but we'll probably decide on that on the upcoming SeaMonkey Meeting tomorrow.

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Good job!
Thanks, Kairo for your hard work!

I really love Seamonkey and want the project to live and evolve. Moving towards tabs on top is a good idea - it brings a more convenient browsing experience. Being conservative is not bad; but it's better to be conservative in a sense of quality, but to take everything that leads to a better functionality and performance.

The only thing that troubles me is that still there are many nice add-ons for Firefox that cannot be ported to Seamonkey, like ImgLikeOpera, or SeoQuake, for example. If it is possible somehow to make the Firefox add-ons as well as skins work in Seamonkey with minimal effort that would be really great! Yet I like SM for stability and speed, and for the complete set of functions that makes the whole process of web browsing better.
2010-06-28 23:34


One reason I prefer SM over FF is that it has no findbar. With some keyword searches added I can type search words and urls in the same place without thinking. And I can change my mind while typing without copy and pasting (make a search word part of an url in FF) or even clicking (change searchengine in FF)

Just my user point of view.

2010-07-02 10:32



What you mean is the Internet search bar, what we mean with "findbar" is something different, and is for "find in page" activity only. What we're changing there is just that the additional "find" dialog is going away and will be integrated into the browser window as a toolbar instead.
The web search from the address bar will be untouched, I fully agree that it's a good feature in SeaMonkey!
2010-07-02 12:20


I guess Seamonkey 2.1 alpha 2 will be coming out sometime in July. maybe it should be released around the same time Firefox 4.0 beta 1 comes out.
2010-07-03 07:13



That may just happen to work out, even though our Alpha 2 is slightly older code than their Beta 1.
2010-07-05 22:24

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