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Lightweight Themes in SeaMonkey 2.1?

As the lightweight theme (or Personas) mechanism has been integrated into toolkit in the Mozilla 1.9.2 cycle, the SeaMonkey 2.1 builds have all the ingredients from that side, but what's missing is the suite-specific parts.

Last night, I took a shot at fixing that bug and got the install mechanism for the lightweight themes to work. After a bit more fixing up the urlbar and tabbar today, this is what I ended up with (after going through a small part of getpersonas and trying out a few ones):

Image No. 22406 Image No. 22407

I hope we can have that landed soon and also make other windows than the browser one work with this mechanism. Note that it's nothing people have to use, but a nice way of easy customization for those who want it. ;-)

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Tony Mechelynck

from Brussels, Belgium

...not to mention, of course, fixing the Grand XPCOM Bustage that's now going on since July 1. ;-) (Ahlala, those Firefox guys could be a little more mindful of sister projects.)
2010-07-10 21:23



They warned us decently before, it was us who were slow with fixing it, actually. I think nobody on the comm-central side even really started to work on it before it landed, even though Benjamin Smedberg had informed of it quite a while before in the newsgroups. I tried to get someone on our side to work on it beforehand but was not as successful as I'd hoped.

That said, my screen shots in this blog post comes from a build that uses the new XPCOM registry, i.e. we are pretty far along to having it working again.
2010-07-11 03:07

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